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Virtual Office Perth, cloud computing  and ‘VOIP’ are now everyday terms. Understanding what they are and how they can help small business requires you to invest some time in research get your head around what actually IS a virtual office Perth or, for that matter, a virtual anything.

We offer serviced offices Perth – seven executive suites in Perth. Clearly there are not a lot of people we can help with only seven serviced offices. So we’ve expanded our reach to offer a virtual office Perth – being  an address and telephone answering services.

In the process and doing our own research, we’ve discovered that the future of telephony is without doubt, in the cloud. To stay current we have to bring cloud based technology to our clients. It looks like sellers of analog telephone systems will wake up one day with a lot of  obsolete hardware on their hands, but in the meantime they are  buying time by frightening us with warnings of the security dangers of  VOIP – internet or cloud based telephony.

Certainly we’ve seen plenty of incidences where hackers have gained access to personal records and it’s enough to make us run for cover when thinking of putting our computer backup or telephone conversations out on the web. So the message is – proceed with caution and understand what’s involved before making changes.

Cloud Computing – What is it?

To learn more about cloud computing read this ‘Introduction to Cloud Computing’

Or if you want something much easier to understand, hop over to ‘Eli The Computer Guy’ on YouTube. This is a full instructional 76 minute video which will save you days of study elsewhere:


Eli is my favourite instructor for all things technical. He speaks layman.

Virtual Office Perth  – What is it?

But back to virtual office Perth. The growth in demand for a Perth address seems to be driven by our Australian resources economy. Demand for office or project space is a growing phenomena as businesses try to position their global network to include a Perth address. If they don’t actually have people on the ground, they can instead use a virtual office Perth address. That is, they incorporate our  physical office address into their company material and we handle their correspondence without the need for them to be here. A virtual office Perth is cheaper than a serviced office and its even cheaper than a shared office space.

Telephone numbers are assigned to each company and calls are answered in their name and messages delivered according to the client’s instructions. This can be a very interesting occupation as we learn the nuances of different businesses in order to facilitate their growth and improve their presence in Perth. Having a cloud based telephone system, working through secure and dedicated  connections, each client can further personalise their ‘how-to-contact-me’ demands by the hour using an App for their smartphone. Calls can be directed to one telephone or several devices at one time.

Virtual Office Perth – At Your Service

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