Corporate Team Building Movies Perth

Corporate team building movies?  When you think of team building does the image of  a group paint ball competition or a weekend with management and staff on an island retreat come to mind?

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Action !

Corporate Team Building Movies Perth

Corporate Cinematic Challenge  delivers team building with a new twist:  the corporate team will shoot a movie together.

Who hasn’t wanted to sit in the director’s canvas chair for a day or walk the red carpet? This is your chance.

Corporate Cinematic Challenge

Ethan Marrell, experienced film maker and comedian, has created Corporate Cinematic Challenge’s hot package for corporate team building movies Perth, where companies can stimulate their staff and their clients while gaining kudos and loyalty for being such an imaginative corporation.

Four or five groups of 8-12 people spend one day to shoot their film, resulting in a different movie per team. Ethan will advise the optimum total group number for each organisation’s corporate team building goals.

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Tense Moments

Unlock Creative Abilities

Are you looking for ways to stimulate relationships and unlock creative talent within your organisation?  Do you want to offer your clients new ways to interact with your management? Think of  corporate team building movies and the fun and bonding you’ll create by inviting your valued clients to join your people for the day.  They make a movie in which they act, direct, control the sound or fix the back lighting.

Lights! Camera!  Action!

The challenge is to work together in teams of 8-12 people to shoot the film.

How does it work? No film-making experience is necessary as participants are guided to shoot a range of micro films that have been penned specifically for your organization.  They can be interpreted in any chosen style, such as romance, comedy, thriller, filme noire or action. Everything you need is supplied, but if a car chase is envisaged, you’re recommended to bring your own Maserati.

Production takes place on location at the Film & Television Institute, Perth, Western Australia. However it can be adapted to other locations where film-making facilities are available. This can be discussed with Ethan.

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Filme Noire

Genre based scripts are pre-prepared for the company prior to the event and can project whatever message the organization wants to emphasise.

Everyone in the team is assigned a film-making crew role. There will be a Director for the day, an Actor, a Gaffer, a Cinematographer, a Sound Recordist, a make Up Artist. Each team is mentored by an industry professional. Laughter and excitement is guaranteed.

Corporate Team Building Movies Objectives

Emphasis is placed on achieving the following objectives:

  • Team work
  • Thinking laterally
  • Communication

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    Team Sees The Final Cut
  • Problem solving
  • Leadership
  • Listening and bouncing ideas
  • Collaborating in order to achieve the best results
  • Attention to detail
  • Getting to know your colleagues in a different way
  • Being put outside your comfort zone
  • Working fast and efficiently
  • Fun, laughter and entertainment
  • A practical and productive day

By the afternoon, the principal photography will be finished and the director will call “That’s a WRAP”. The footage then goes into the hands of Ethan’s crew of experienced film-makers to edit. While this happens, the new film crew gets together to review the fun and excitement and learning of the day.

By 5:30pm, after a few sundowners, it’s time for the red carpet premiere when the film is shown. The group can award its own Oscars.

For details on how a one-day Corporate Cinematic Challenge Team Building Workshop Perth can suit your organisation

Call Ethan today  0405 302 175 or email

Read below testimonials from happy participants and view the video trailer  by clicking CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING PERTH

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0405 302 175

“Ethan Marrell and his team took the brief we gave them and executed it

perfectly. The Hatch PDP had a fun team building day that ran seamlessly and

the business will continue to benefit from the films the teams produced. I would

recommend this format to any business looking to enhance professional

relationships and improve communication across all levels of the organisation.”

Jessica Blackwell – Human Resources Officer – HATCH WA

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7 thoughts on “Corporate Team Building Movies Perth

  1. Hi Gill, Thanks for your note. It is fascinating. Always wanted to be a star.
    It sounds like something for the tribe to do. We make our own action-packed movie? Having met Ethan, I know he must do not only a professional job but have us in stitches all the time.

  2. Hi everyone,

    I’d just like to add that the day works best with 30 – 60 participants in total. The smaller teams are broken down from there and will shoot on various locations simultaneously. Packages for less or more than those numbers can happily be discussed.


    Corporate Cinematic Challenge

  3. Stella,
    A long way to visit from the USA – thanks for coming! This is be best idea for team building that I know. You could watch it and laugh about it years later when showing ”how young you looked’ and who you worked with.
    We usually make movies of our hilarious family parties – I find it’s hard to drag people away from watching themselves when we next show them.
    Your blog SO informative on internet and social media – this one will improve as I follow your posts.
    Thanks. Julia

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